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Symbolab is an advanced math education tool. It allows users to learn, practice and discover math topics using mathematical symbols and scientific notations as well as text. Symbolab provides automated step by step solutions to algebraic, trigonometric and calculus topics covering from middle school through college. Symbolab offers a wealth of smart calculators including: equations, simultaneous equations, inequalities, integrals, derivatives, limits , tangent line, trigonometric equations, functions and more. The stated goal of the site is to make scientific content universally accessible by expanding the searchable data space onto scientific notations, expressions, equations and formulas. This is done by applying proprietary machine learning algorithms in order to understand the meaning and context of the queries. Symbolab, making math simpler.

Eqsquest is an Israeli based startup that was created with the goal of making scientific content universally accessible by expanding the searchable data space on to scientific notations, expressions, equations and formulas. The company was founded by Michal Avny, CEO, former head of AOL Relegence, Adam Arnon, chief scientist, and Lev alyshayev, CTO. On the advisory board is Professor Erez Etzion from the Physics department at Tel Aviv University , member and advisor of the Search & Discovery board of CERN. EqsQuest was founded in 2011, the company is privately held.

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